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"I was not asked to write this testimonial – I volunteered to, given how happy I was with Reed Developments and Edward Reed. Reed was engaged by my architect as the builder on the renovation of my apartment. To complicate matters I was living overseas at the time in a challenging time zone that didn’t allow for too much overlap with Sydney time.

Reed was totally professional at every step of the way. In the lead up to construction, Reed was in lockstep with the architect in the planning. So projected costs and timetable were clearly outlined to me. Once construction started, these are the things that impressed me about Reed:
1. He dealt with the Body Corporate and residents in a respectful and very effective way. He was clear in communication, listened to what the Chair of the BC wanted and nothing seemed to be a problem.
2. He delivered on time, according to the program. This was despite the impact of covid on supply of materials and a Christmas/New Year break in between.
3. Quality of the work appears to be outstanding.
4. Reed attended to defects very quickly and without fuss. No long tail of work and no harassing to return to the site to fix the defects (of which there were few and minor)
5. Detailed costs of variations. Working with the architect, variations were costed and sent through for approval very timely.
6. On time – the project, for all intents and purposes was completed on time.
7. Reed Developments trades people are all of high quality and decent people.

If I undertake a new build or another renovation, Reed Developments will be the first people I call. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Reed Developments. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, Edward is a good, trustworthy and most likeable bloke. An absolute joy to deal with. I am happy to speak with prospective clients."


Nick, Darling Point

Shae, Newtown

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